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4~' <br />r~ t! r <br />. <br />T,1Jr-Q1S (: _i 'S,~T;7~:?i .,;,PE,:i'I'1;C: f' `,'~~ C1xY t(' i`C1L ~';'LD lI: "'I'mo C1~,~7, C'si~I~,I?S <br />SLPT. 20th. I933 <br />The T4eeoing` t=acs called to order at 8.1'.PtI. with Sla.~or Porter p~°esidir~ axed. the <br />following Councilnlen'arsvrering to tYle roll call. <br />_ Stowell.- 1'_elly.- Shirley.- Giebster.- and Peterson. <br />Pd.rluts of the previtous meeting were read aild with one correction, approved. <br />~! motion placed blur Kelly secosxded by Stowell and passed by tYie enuneil that <br />the follo~.°ring resolution be approved. <br />''hereas ~t?~e City Cox~.ncil has under cmisideration the execution of a supple- <br />mentx~j ogreement mOdliylIIg that Ce i'taln Stree v ~ ].~;~,t'Si11g G OntraCt vLL "th ti1(' <br />I7tah LLoi~,;er and Light Co.,clated Dec. IBth. 1933 +irhiCh Frill tem_pororely recluee <br />tl?e number. and sire o." lamps provided for in saidcontraet , there Uvr perrliting <br />a saving in cost of operation to the city in eperatix~; its street lirTh'ting <br />system o~~ring the tern provided for ;n the said sup7_em::ntiryr agreement; <br />P~ovr TrTEP,r+~~~C73E D~ I'P t~u0~~'D, that the I•~~,yor be and he is is hereby au.hhorized <br />and aireeted in his official capicity to execute, ax~!d the Clerk is hereby <br />autilori$ed and directed to attest, countersign, and affix the corporate seal <br />to said suplementry agreement, and said contract and suplementry agreoment <br />continueing in effect r..ntil Sept. I5th;, I934, the proposed. date Sept. 9ti1.3c0. <br />and accepted by the Utah Porrer and i,iglt Coon Set13 22nd. I932. are hereby <br />confirmed and approved. <br />In witness whereof T have hereto set my hand and af..ixed the corporate seal <br />cf the said City tills 2Ist. day of Sept. I933. , <br />i <br />-~ - --------- -°Ci ty Cler1L. <br />Caixneilman Peterson reported that the ':'dater Cormllittee :clad ma,cle some investi - <br />gation re~•arling the purchase of v:~ate.r meters but izad other material coming <br />and ti=could be in Uet-ter oosition to report at file 'rxext meeting, <br />i;totion placed ax1CL carrieu that the follovviilg bil"ls be allocered and the :clerk <br />ordered to dray warrant for the same. <br />Gem State hbr. Co 25.00 Conico Service i I00 <br />Graham.3oyle Co ~b.02 I',O.Thampson Co 2I.i5 <br />Herdti~i;lectric 2.05 F P.Thompson gp0 <br />Ray 3eesley .75 G, s.T;1e.Tfelvy Co. IIa50 ' <br />Iiciland elev. Co 3.00 City of 1Ze-~b. I75 <br />Re b~r:a I,iOtor I2.ti0 Gem State ~br ~-e <br />~3e~_ <br />rred Shirley 4.2I <br />l;~ +" _ 'laced and'cariied that the meeting be„adjourned. _ <br />S f rf <br />-CitJ Clerk. - - -~ -=---- -- --rl~,yor. <br />~; <br />jiTT?rrrPS C)i' li_'i~ ;t7~.41T i._. _,~TjSrr ~,t, rL'ri~' CI^1Y~'.OiTTIC lI~ ~l,T) Al' '1'=u CITY T'iI,I~ GCI. t'';~. <br />4th. IrJ33. ~, <br />`1?he meeting vas eallled to order at B.1 .T';i. z~r th 1•=ay or i~orter presiding and <br />.chef fol! o~rring eoiu2eilmen ane~ti=re ring to the -roll call; <br />'' r~ielly - i~iebste_.- °°~~rig`ht.- Peterson.- And Stowell. <br />I:_inuts of the previous meeting i~,ere read and approved. <br />y~. v[3 <br />Councilman Peterson reported that tlxe vrate?° 4°TOrks Committee' had made some <br />investigation regarding the price and quality of various raai~es of '."/ate.r T <br />Trieters Alsa introduced Vern Clary. Treasurer of the City of St .Anhhony.vrizo <br />had had some experience vtith meters and the nstila;tion ox: the Same. <br />Tr Claris gave a detailed desc =°iptian of the .Hersey Tifete-r also 'related his <br />expernance with meter conditions at St..bnthoily and advised: fleet Ghe Cray of <br />Rexburg purchase IT_ersey meters, and quoted a .price o' •;;,fl.IG; per meter ii <br />quantities of 360 or mere and as a ~°epresenta~tive of the ITershey'Tleter Co <br />left a contract to be filled in in any':. sined'at a later date. <br />Irlotion placed and carried the Mahe fo7_lowaing bills be allotiroecl ant the ekerl~ <br />.ordered to draw v,~ar?°ents for the same. <br />1,.armstrong ,;; 37.50 u.v.d~nderson y, 25.00 <br />.Carl Peterson 25.00 J,R.C1ar1z 50.00 <br />Continexaal Oil 2`7.00 ?~t.A.Bell` x.50 <br />i . G.:iicTxl'nan 57.b0 i7tah Povaer and Sight 4St3. 36 <br />Rex P; -re Dept. 67.00 N?art Tliorlrbson 5.00 <br />h.~.'..Ta;rlor 2E3.Q0 Pep .?,erviee .75 <br />Oontin:tal oil 25.p0 S.I3.IIardison I.00` <br />C. ~ ?a-rris 3.35 Rexbra.rg Groe. I.25 <br />U6ah ?ower c.nd ?,iT;ht 2IB.S5 City of Rexburg I7.86'.. <br />~ u n ,. " 2.40 <br />n ~r 2 3.08 <br />Iiotil1on Placed^and carried that i;he meeting be adjourned. <br />~- ~ ~._.~--=~_City Clerk ---`__ _-~~,~ j- ~~t =~~I~, <br />-- ---° °- f .,-I..aJor, <br />