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j~ <br />', <br />~, 4f d <br />a <br />iITdUT~ ~,+ LL"i SI ,CI'_I, T! ,"~'TIIG OF `'T_~ CIT.Y GaL:~CTL i~._,1;7~ IrT `1'I~ COUi?CTI,C C ? !='3 S <br />',°. 7,~SDrY <1T.TGT?ST 50th. I955. <br />'!?e meeting eras called to a-rder at 8.P Iti. 4,+itn i:a~or porter n~•~siding and the <br />follo~•ring councilmex2 andsvrerixzg to the roll call. <br />~.~tflielly. rred Shirley. nester Peterson, and N.11.?fright. <br />31o minuts were read. <br />attorney Clarence Millman lzet faith the Council ani!. a=^ mwde a regir.est that the <br />co~zneil order the proposed Ordinance Trio. 5Io published, ai2d gave his rea,sans for <br />making -the request. <br />A motion vaas placed bp,'v~lright, Seconded by Shirley and passed by the !'ouncil that <br />that tale: City 1~arx2ish,tiie necessary labor to install curbe and other improvements <br />along tine east side of the liifh School buildings on first '`?est St. providing that <br />the Independent School District S;o. I. l~uinish all the lraterial necessary to <br />install said Gu.rb. Said School Listriet ITo. I. to also furnish overseer for <br />the said ~Iob. <br />The matter' 07 the City complying with t12e Td.h.~.. regulati ons c~Jas discussed at length <br />and a decisiol? reached t12at the City would do all in its Bower to comply with <br />l;he regiziretnents but 1:,2eeded more advice regarding the same. <br />The Fire Department Chief ?'Ias instructed by tY?e TIayor and council tl2at all hazards <br />along curb and sidewalk such as shutoff pipes and curb bores, and all other <br />obstl~ictions be removed o'r made safe, as soon as possible, <br />iriotion placed and carried that he meeting be adjouin2ed> <br /> <br />~11otion eras placed by Kelly, seconded by Peterson and passed by the council that <br />~ l~;ayor aopoix2t extra Police not to exceed tyro for a period of On~° month, <br />it he the objeet:in view of better obsevax2ce of the treffie laws, andthat the <br />cdilmittee'-on law and order' tom°a.ther Frith the CitTyr ~`Ltton2ej~, meet and foi^!T!ilate <br />~a, code -a,i2d riles of La~~r aiid -0rder and have the same printed in Leaflet form. <br />I~iotioi2 laded by Kelly seconded ,by ?'=ebster and passed by the council that the <br />follotiving• bills be `allowe`d and the Clerk instr~!acted to drav~r warrents for the <br />same <br />:.Shell SesYsriee ~ 4.05 ' Padger 1=ieter Co. °;;- I2.00 <br />councilmen aiistaering th tli~a roll call <br />Belly.- 4'iebster -, and "fright.- and ShS:rley. <br />1Tzuts of tl7e ~i~etiious meeting were read. and approved. <br />l.;otiox2 tras placed by '+`;ribllt seconded by leterson and passed by the council that <br />4 X7.50 be allo~red I~'ire Chiel ~2.3.iic.F,ntire as Hart of ti2e necessary exlience to <br />the Piremans Conventioxl-~dr Ue held at Po~tland,Oregan. <br />I~,~yor Ported made a request of the vaatterCommittee that they submit a report on <br />Neater meters. <br />~~ <br />+ ~ / ~ ;' <br />r ` ~' <br />r~ ~ <br />~ lif i <br />~%~k~..flL~~f.~is... ~~.~ l7 r;.Ilayar ~- - •-- ----- ---- City Clerk. <br />~% <br />'I'IlZ7TS OF ~i i~,GL~L?1R TS+~°TII?G 01+ 1'11:1; CI^Y C~'I?ICIL ?-'3LD ~_'=' _'??`~ CI'T'Y lIALL SsPT at12.33. <br />:The meeting ~,°ra~ called to order at B.i.T.~. ti~rith S,iayor "order presiding and the folloi*/ing <br />e -: <br />''lhereas t11 <br />passed-8rd <br />Ctty of I?e <br />vrithiii the <br />~tirposes <br />m~ lls -012 e <br />of the? Cit <br />it s <br />e cle <br />IOI:~SI A~l.S.T.And 'P. Co. 12.6b <br />25000 Gity 45 <br />d5a00 Nome Service Lau}2di~J 55 <br />IO<430 '+`~~zite Truck Service 2.~4 <br />2I8$5 Re:Ibnrg `'tandard 55.20 <br />5.`IO Joy Dru~° Co. I.65 <br />°1Iy Seconded b* iebster and passed by tT2e council that <br />on be atop ed. <br />- ~.L S 0 h U ~` 10 TT. _ <br />it of the City of itexburg on the 27th day or' July I933 <br />MI5. intitled the axzl2ual aI'prm priation bill of the <br />uvhereas there eras" levied upon al.l taxable pro;icrty p"oper-ty <br />of t11e City, in and for ti2e year 1955 taxes for the several <br />ailed a.zd for general rever_ue puraoses there ~:~as levied ten <br />f ascessed value and for interest~on outstandin^ bonds <br />fund ten;:mine on each dollar of aseessed value; and whereas <br />said ordinance 4Tras uublished to read. <br />nding vonds of the. City ,ann. sinl~ing funds I9 mills on each dollar <br />id 0rdinailce l+lo. 3I5o be T~i:blished 1x2 its correct foam and that <br />!be and lie is hereby directed to have the same republished. <br />red that the meeting be ldjourned. <br />~i l2;iayor. ~ _~- -- -------- ity Clerk. <br />F t` <br />f <br />