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6~ <br />~_ <br />G~( :~ <br />_i - <br />z_ <br />- ~; <br />i' <br />Thereupon Councilman Frank D. Kelley presented the fo1].owing resalution, and moved its i` <br />adoption: <br />RESGLVED HY THE CITY CCU7C]I, OF THE CITY OF Rexburg, Idaho; that the requirements of ~~ <br />Sec. 49-1804 Idaho Code Annotated 19324 and any rules and regulations of this Council, requiring <br />ordinances to be fully and distinctly read on three different days, be, and the same are hereby, <br />dispensed with sa far as they relate to the foreeoing proposed ordinance granting to Utah Power <br />tc Light Compas~p, its successors and .assigns, an e].aetric light, heat, and power franchise, and <br />this Council shall innnediately talcs action on the adoption of said ordinance. <br />The motion to adapt the resolution was seconded by Gotutcilman Hugh A. Yrright, and a "yea" <br />.and "nay" vota'was taken, with the following recultsT <br />Those voting "yea" or in favor of the adoption of the resolution: Jaraa S. Ylebater, <br />~ ^^ <br />Franic D. Kelley, fired Shirley, D. Yt. Stowell,. and Hugh A. 6"might. ; <br />Those voting "nay" or against the adoption of the resalution: n®ne <br />~ ~. <br />More than three-fourths of the Catutci].men elected to the Cottneil having voted in favor <br />` of the adoption of the resalution, the P~iayor declared it a~optad, and ordered it spread at <br />i length On the minutes, ~`- <br />Councilman Franlcell, Kelley thereupon moved that the proposed ordinance, granting a ,, ._ <br />franchise to Utah Power ~c Light Company, as read by she Clerk, be adopted,~-The motion was ""' <br />seconded by Councilman Hugh A. i'rright, and a "yea" and "nay" vote was taken, with the fallowing <br />~; <br />results: <br />Those voting '!yea" or in favor of the edoption of the'ordinanc~: Hugh A. FVrigh~, Ds:1Va <br />,u <br />Stowell, Fred Shirley, Samea S: iYebater, and T'rank D, Kelley, <br />~, , <br />11^hoae voting "nay" ar against the 'adoption of the ordinanea none ~ <br />A majority ofthe vrhole number of Gounei]men ~l~etedto the Caunail having voted in ~ f ~ ~" <br />C "x''# i <br />favor of the adoption of the ordinance, theT?ayor declared it duly adopt'~d, and approved the <br />fi <br />same, and ordered it spread at length on the:'minutes> <br />t ~ <br />The P+Tayor thereupon signed the ordinfince and the Gity Clerk countersigned it, affixed <br />the oornorate -seal thereto and attested it. The City .Clark Sias instructed to cause 'a full and <br />trixe copy of the ordinance as passed to be published within ono month after ite~passaga in ~ <br />Roxbtu"g Standard, a newspaper published an<l in general circulation in the City of Rexburg, Idaho® <br />a <br />r <br />r"f " <br />u~E..- c.-~.-G l a , <br />O'~t-- r`"tom' (! ~ ~"z-~"~ '~`"-~`-c~ Q`-?%-- <br />L . <br />G <br />f-~" <br />.,, <br />---f~; <br />z ; <br />.. <br />