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<br />r;~J <br />IiITII)T~OF A ~u3GULl?R 1°+ s'TITIG OI' T.T-'La' CITY a'UP?C IL 0~^ T?I?' CITY OI'' iI^„'{IIURG,ID11??0 <br />IIL~LD IN TIIr' CITY ?l?LI, Od Tii.L 3th Daj~ OP i<liY" I933 <br />'$ meeting eras called to order at B.P.I?. vaith <br />following ecuneilmen ansv=rering to the roll call <br />Stowell, <br />?iebster, <br />>; r~ aht , <br />Shirley <br />Peterson, <br />PikYOIi POR^1ER presiding and the <br />The m; nuts of the previous meeting v~;ere read and with one correction approved. <br />The matter pertai?zing to the instalation of a Gas PUi? an the BLLL property on <br />1'iest main Street Baas reported on by the commity on aud~caxry~and sanatation, <br />ti?e orinion being that OP~IP74PICE N0, 300 would not permit the request.of U?r. Bell. <br />The commity on goads yr_d Brides e;ho vrere appointed to investigate the best <br />location for ii base Ball field reported that the CITY ?ark in their estria <br />tiom was the most feasible placz-far the Ball Meld. '.'There on the isiayor an@ Council <br />Instructed tittorxney C.rt.laol to draw the follo~°aing Resolution. <br />Coneilman G°lright Introduced the follo~Jing t~esoffiution, <br />~+ SOLUTIOPT; <br />B!', it resolved by the City council of the city of Rexburg ,Idaho. <br />That the Rexburg Ball Club be and the'-t~° are hereby granted leave to play base <br />ball on the west ?elf of the City Parr auri~base ball season of I933 subject <br />to the follov~;ing conditions. <br />That said Rexburg Base Bakl Club Shall Pay the pity of Rexburg t3~e I5jo Of all <br />gate receipts collected for all base ball games played on the said paid for <br />v~ihicha l fare or charge is collected Such percent to be paid to rei?burs <br />tine city for tine policing and up keep of the said park. <br />T?o ball games shad be played on the said park on the first day of tine 4*veelt, called <br />SUTdDAY. that no inguz~shall be done oreaused to any trees, shrubs, Grass qr other <br />improvements on the Baia public park or any part there-of. <br />That if any or either of the conditions here by composed shall be violated, or <br />if anp inoary be done t~® the improved part of said park, the Ia?ayorof the <br />City C~t~y , ;nay at his dise~etion terminate tl?is grant, ai7d exclude said rexburg <br />ball cluband all other perso?1s from said parr. <br />The motion to adopt said resolution was seconded by councils?an STO";ALL mhe <br />question the motion was nut by the 1;ayor and all members present voted YES. <br />The commity on 3oads °nd Bridges c;ere instructed by the hvayor to <br />investigate the advisibility of the pu.rehase of the Clea,Trac Tactor nave <br />o~rmed by the Harris Implement Co and report on tl~ie same .next meeting. <br />Lana 4nd Order commity,,~nstnictedPainvestigate the Is~iatte~ ~f Slot ?vIachines ~~ <br />no~rv beir~ used ir_ the City ;~"`a <br />T~te commity on Irxx-,ration iinscotueted tm~N``tlie~ proposed chan;e in ~;~ <br />the ~rrat&~r course at the Sa.insbux~J corner;and report at -the next :meeting. <br />I~~r, ~=.ft.ivla.ehem and IaIR. Smith of the. Rexburg Irrigation'-Co; <br />1"s request that the City =illov=a them to change the course of their canal and <br />use the lov^rer end of Ivain Street through chieli to make the change. the :matter:'. <br />v°aas refered to the Commit; on Irrigation. <br />A i:Iotion was placed by J.o rl~bster and seeondedby II.z1.'i~`right 'vLa&~ <br />and passed by the council, that ~ sum net to sxceed(~d5<001forty five dollars <br />be paid for the making of ;t thorough water system and i-rx~i;~'ation slat of tiie ' <br />City banal and the assigning ofvvater tuxes to all v=;ater users under the <br />Rexburg City Canal. ~fi <br />?lotion placed and carried that the iteeting ile iidjourned. <br />"~ ~ <br />---~~"='=`-=----Clem. ;~%,~vC~ - ~r-,'-'31;ayor <br />