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pJ~ <br />Minutes of Special ivieetin~ Field ILTarch 22- 193. <br />Called by P:'=ayor Porter. V <br />Present: A~~,yor Porter; Councilmen; ;`1e~bster, Erdman, tilri~ht, i~elley. <br />%'Iayor Po ~°ter announced purpose of mer-tii~g vaas to proYide for Clerk to <br />handle work or S~air Blake who ;s in hospital and will inea-paeitated .icr the <br />balance oS his tez°m. <br />ir:r introduced the tollowin~ resolution and moved it's adoDt- <br />ion, irCr. `rri~ht seconded the motion, Carried unanimousl;l. <br />... _ _lx .. Td 'LC'~.1 -.~ "I1 Z CL'S_u~, <br />:'~! ~°i. J'l " S ~Li T~.h', lilt;f x'181"I_ o:(' i,'i@ Clt?7 Oi e X'D11 r:2;, 1S COi?ilned 1n <br />a ?os_oital aild is not able to do or oeres,n an:r or L-i'le czuties o-~ ?_;s said <br />a=lice, and there is 11c assistant o:r denr,ty in saki o'liee and. ilonr~rovieed <br />tor, and it is necessary in the interest e file city t}.ai; sorle comoetel'it <br />perso7l be appointee. ~bo act as ai'id,in the capacity- of City Clerh duriii-~ the <br />disability ci said Janes Blaite, and. it ap=pears tPiat Raymond Fill is such a <br />person and that he is i~7GPt i~ the employ of the city. <br />r=' <br />3B IT ti+SCLV~ D IL~`i' "°°y'~ ~`-_--:e r~J`-r"-- r ~ be andne is Hereby <br />appointed ~.c ~ ~ n~; Ci ~:r Cle~rk~ of ~~ie~ Ctt j of ie ~ uur~, Idaho, with l~o~~~er a?Zd <br />authority to do ana ?~ertorm all the acts and duties of the office of Cityr <br />Cleric o L' said city riuring the time o1 the disabli t,r of said o ~ sai.d James <br />Blal.e, e-r lentil the newt eileral city election, ii7 sairi. eit;r. <br />AdoT~ted i'.'iareh 22, 1`J~~. <br />`-~, <br />ISUUrovea ~`7 /,~ ~~- <br />t?ttest <br />, <br />xctln~ c1~f;~ (;l°rk <br />;` <br />q, <br />Tim YOyt / ;- <br />E <br />! Z;'ollowln-, this the ~~la.,yor administered the oa'tls of office to Rayi,iond Fill <br />~.~' 'as'ac~i~1~ Clt~~ G1er?~. <br />i~iotion to adjourn, carried. <br />F, p. ilelley _',etia=- Clerk. <br />f~-~c-~~t~ CL~,;3Y _ <br />1 ~ 7i.4?C~ ~'f'' __ <br />Id?ixiutes ct S_~eeial l_'eetinr field Ir:"arch 29, 19 a3. <br />_ resent; i_iayor :i~orter, Councilmen; l~rdman, i;elley, Flerd.ti , <ebster, <br />+'rirnt, i2icnman. <br />i'~ioved by 1?erdti seconded D~;r ;rdnan that notice oiyleetion be nii~;,ed <br />as provided by resolution passed at nee ~lnr I,areh 15, 19 u3. Ca ~°ried. <br />~'he i:aro~ appointea idle iollowili~ re~istraz°s+ ~!'irst ''lard ~s i~ .~i;le <br />Iaorris. Seconc 'r~ard, Lirs aaral arici son. ~ilird `ard i,.rs Jessie rte inson. <br />Erdman itioved ti°;ebster seconded that fife registrars named oy I=ayor be eoh_Fir- <br />med. Carried <br />L:ovad oy Kelley seconded by Erdman that compensation of registrars ue <br />tixea at ,>a.Op eaeli 'tor transer;bin all names from old ~°ecords and 10~{ <br />per for nesa ii~~:nes re,.;istered that wore i~c~~t on i'onner lists> <br />Moved a; ~ r6_n~a~1 t:w . -e ~.,a j:,urn. Cawri.ed. <br />9 ~ r , <br />'"~~ <br />zU-~` CL'~l'ti~ f F`ySY~j v <br />(/ <br />- 4 <br />