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~ ~o pp~p P.O. BOx 280 <br />Q~ [D ~oU.~~LIGU 12 North Center Street <br />Rexburg,ldaho 83440 <br />Phone (208)359-3020 <br />STATE OF IDAHO Fax (2os) 359-3422 <br />e-mail <br /> rexbu rg. id. us <br />26 March 2002 <br />Idaho State Dept. of Health & Welfare <br />333 Walker Dr. <br />Rexburg, Idaho 83440 <br />To Whom It May Concern: <br />We„understand from Mrs.~Carner Pincock (copy of letter enclosed) that the <br />State of Idaho owns her home as the result, of unpaid medical expenses. <br />A few years ago, the City of Rexburg paid a contractor to make curb, gutter, <br />and sidewalk improvements to this property included in LID (Local <br />Improvement District) 30. The City-then bills the property owner a yearly <br />assessment until the original cost plus interest is paid. <br />Three yearly assessments have been billed and are delinquent. The City <br />Treasurer, Richard Horner, will soon be recording a treasurer's tax deed <br />with county clerk as a lien against the property. He wanted to give the <br />State the opportunity to either pay off the delinquency and make the- <br />yearly payments or pay off the entire LID and save itself interest costs. <br />Included is a printout of this LID showing original assessment and interest <br />amounts and a payoff amount should you be interested .in paying it in full. <br />This payoff amount is only good through 30 April 2002, however.. At which <br />time, if we have not heard from you, the treasurer's tax deed will be <br />issued and the interest will increase. <br />You may call 359-3020 and speak with Richard or myself if you have <br />questions. <br />S ~ cerely, ~ <br />~~ <br />Valeea Quigg <br />Account Clerk <br />Enclosures <br />