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<br />O~~~ugc~O <br />v ~ ~`_` ' o <br />« ~ <br />~ ~ <br />;:~~ <br />S~~eC-SHEV <br />0 <br />Q ~ ~ ~lG a~°. ~QQ ~° <br />STATE OF IDAHO <br />P.0. Box 280 <br />12 North Center Street <br />Rexburg,ldaho 83440 <br />Phone (208)359-3020 <br />Fax (208) 359-3022 <br />e-mail <br />21 .March 2003 <br />Mr. Byron W. Lindsay <br />3994 Leach Lake Way <br />Fort Irwin, CA 92310 <br />Mr. Lindsay: <br />In 2001 the City of Rexburg had some work done on curbs, gutters, streets, <br />and sidewalks throughout the City. A Local Improvement District was <br />authorized so property owners could pay for these improvements over time. <br />One of these assessments was for the property at 263 W 4th S, under the <br />name of Delbert Lindsay. <br />I have received no response to the billings for 2002 and 2003, and this <br />assessment is now delinquent. As a result, the City is getting ready to <br />record a Treasurer's Tax Deed as a lien against the property. <br />As the listed owner of the property on our water, sewer, and garbage <br />roles, I am sending this notice to .you in the hope that you will either <br />pay the amount due or pass it along to whomever is responsible for its <br />payment. <br />The total quoted here is effective until 4-30-03, at which time the City <br />will record the Treasurer's Tax Deed if no response is received. If you <br />have any questions, please call me at (208) 359-3020 extension 343. <br />Sincerely, <br />~~ <br />Valeea Quigg <br />Clerk <br />Enclosures <br />