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TREASURER'S TAX DEED II <br />THIS INDENTURE made this ~ day of ~~~~ ZOO ~ ,between R ~r,~naro'l ~ • 'E"loYn2r' <br />City Treasurer of Rexburg, Idaho, a municipal corporation of Madison County, Idaho, party of the first <br />part, and City of Rexburg, a municipal corporation of the County of Madison, party of the second part, does convey that <br />certain land and real estate as described and set forth in Local Improvement District Delinquency Certificate No. <br />72~ a true copy of which delinquency certificate is now set forth and recited herein as follows: <br />CITY OF REXBURG <br />LOCAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT <br />DELINQUENCY CERTIFICATE ~20 <br />No. <br />STATE OF IDAHO ) <br />COUNTY OF MADISON ) ss. <br />REXBURG, IDAHO ) <br />/ylartLi S,Y~ ~o~ <br />~- <br />THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That the following described property located in the City of Rexburg, Idaho, to-wit: <br />Rsb ti IO /Co -- <br />ADDITION LOTS BLOCK <br />COMMON NAME OF PROPERTY: <br />was duly and regularl assessed as LID # 3O Item #~ in the name of ~arr~S , ~2 <br />at (legal address) ~~ V R~X r ~'~ for assessments levied for the year ~~ of which the <br />original amount of such assessments, with the pena y added thereto has not been paid, which assessments are a lien upon the <br />property above described and are now unpaid and delinquent, to-wit: <br />Delinquent Date 3 D~ctw.b~,r 2003 Subsequent Zao~} <br />Assessment <br />Original Principal $ 3a5. ~~ $ 305, g(~ <br />Original Interest $ t 00.9 3 $ a4 . (I , <br />TOTAL Original Assessment $ 40tiP• ~ q $ 39t°- • ~ 9 <br />Penalty (2%) $ S. t $ ?. SD <br />Delinquency Certificate Fee $ .25 $ .25 <br />TOTAL Delinquency, Penalty <br />and fee $ yl5• ~$ $ 388.02 <br />Accrued Interest (10%) $ $ <br />GRAND TOTAL $ $ <br />Redemption Expiration Notice Fee $ $ <br />which delinquent assessments bear interest from the date same became delinquent until paid, including any period when <br />this certificate shall go to deed, at the rate of TEN (10) per centum per annum. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the facts hereinbefore set forth, and the authority conferred upon me by the laws of the <br />State of Idaho, I do hereby issue this delinquency certificate to the City of Rexburg, and as trustee for said city will assign the <br />said certificate to any purchaser thereof from the said city. <br />In case the said assessments are not paid within two years from the date of this certificate, the owner of this certificate, <br />upon full compliance with the provisions of law relating to the service of notice of expiration of the period of redemption upon <br />the persons entitled thereto not less than one month and not more than three months prior to the expiration of such period, and <br />in the case of an assignee having paid all subsequent installments and assessments which are delinquent or due, shall be entitiled <br />to receive from the City Treasurer of the City of Rexburg, Idaho, a Deed to the premises herein described. <br />I WITNESS WHEREOF, I~ h~ave~ hereunto set my hand at Rexburg, Madison. aho, this 5 day of <br />Instrument # 329674 ~~,~~. '''~ <br />REXBURG, MAD130N, IDAHO <br />2006-07-19 01:36:OD No. of P s: 2 City Treasurer ~ ,,,,,~~ <br />Recorded for :CITY OF R XBURG <br />MARILYN R. RASMUSSE :0.00 ~ •. ~~ <br />Ex-OAfcio Recorder *f a~R ~ e~ ~= ~ <br /><.., .. <br />