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<br />001540\ <br /> <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL AND MAYOR, seated at the new council chamber rostrum, from left: Morgan Garner, Sander <br />Larson. Darlene Blackburn, John C. Porter. Nile Boyle, Jim Morris, and Glen Pond. <br /> <br />A Message to the People of Rexburg <br /> <br />Our new City Hall marks a milestone in the <br />progress of our city. It is the second City Hall <br />planned and built to provide the services necessary <br />for the city business operations. The first city hall <br />was of native stone that stood where the fire station <br />is now located. It was inadequate. It was replaced by <br />the purchase of an office building in 1969. This <br />building was remodeled for city use and then <br />remodeled again after the Teton Dam flood. But it <br />was never planned for efficient use such as our new <br />building. <br />We don't recommend getting a building through a <br />disaster but in as much as the explosion destroyed <br />our old building, we're happy to have a new one and <br />we are sure it will be a credit to our community. <br />As an administration we appreciate the support <br />we receive from the community. We think the <br />Rexburg people are the best in the world. We strive <br />for the following goals: <br />I.An administration that serves the people's <br />wishes and reflects credit to the community. <br />2. Public relations between the city government <br />and the business people, civic groups, and individual <br />citizens, which makes each feel that it has the <br />friendly cooperation of the mayor, council members, <br />and city employees. <br />3. A press-relations program that keeps the public <br /> <br />informed of city problems, city projects and policies. <br />This enables the citizens to provide informed advice <br />to their city officials. <br />4. Relations with adjoining municipalities and all <br />other governmental agencies should be good. <br />Cooperation is needed for maximum advantage and <br />harmony in inter-governmental relations to effect <br />savings and planned progress. <br />5. City governments should have and follow a <br />planned program that recognizes the limits of <br />practical zoning, yet which aims at balancing the <br />city's needs with its land use. <br />6. An uncomplicated accounting system is <br />necessary that renders reports of revenue and <br />disbursement at any time, which controls all <br />transactions, which pays debts promptly, and passes <br />annual audits smoothly. <br />This is what we try to do as a city administration <br />in Rexburg. We are conscious that we are <br />responsible for the well being of all people who live <br />in Rexburg, operate businesses, and above all, raise <br />families. We want the good life for everyone. A <br />healthy and prosperous community is necessary if a <br />city government is to survive. <br /> <br />JOHN C. PORTER <br />Mayor <br />