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<br />001145 <br /> <br />C~IE"~ <br />'t-~BLI~ <br />q. ~ <br /> <br />RO Lie ~ <br /> <br />'"t: IDA <br />\.,;..~ <br /> <br />Rexburg City Police Department <br /> <br />12 North Center <br />REXBURG, IDAHO 83440 <br /> <br />May 2, B 84 <br /> <br />BLAIR K. SIEPERT <br />Chief of Police <br /> <br />Area Code 208 <br />356-6224 <br /> <br />Mayor John Porter <br />City of Rexburg <br />Rexburg, Idaho <br /> <br />CISOOll BI . K Siepert (Chief of <br />To Mayor Porter from aIr . <br />police), No Traffic Problems <br />5/2/1984 <br />Recorded for: City of Rexburg <br />BLAIR D. KAY. ~ <br />Ex-Officio Recorder Deputy <br /> <br />Dear Mayor: <br /> <br />In reference to your request for the Police to check on the <br />possibility of a traffic problem because of the proposed Hathaway <br />sub-division located at West 1st North, please be advised of the <br />following: <br /> <br />I personally made an inspection at the sight of the proposed <br />Hathaway sub-division, and determined that there was no immediate <br />traffic hazard that I could foresee. I do have some doubts on the <br />narrow width of their proposed driveway, because of snow removal, <br />or parked vehicles that may be left on the street, this could cause <br />a traffic hazard within the proposed sub-division, but wouldn't <br />be any threat to outside traffic. <br /> <br />Should I be of further assistance 1n this matter, please ad- <br /> <br />vise. <br /> <br /> <br />BKS/sv <br />