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Parkinson Canyon Creek C <br />a <br />nal <br />Moody <br />N Mood y Creek <br />Moody Cr <br />eekBurton <br />Walker <br />Herbert <br />Sunnydell <br />Webster Butte <br />Plano <br />Hinckley <br />Targhee National <br />Forest <br />Teton Dam <br />Teton <br />Menan Buttes <br />Twin <br />Bridges <br />ParkHenry's F o rk <br />Beaver <br />Dick Park <br />Archer Dalby <br />Byrne <br />Thornton <br />Summers Butte <br />Snake River Moody CreekLyman Jensen <br />Jefferson County <br />Salem Sugar City <br />Jefferson <br />County <br />Fremont County <br />Teton River <br />Canyon Cr <br />e <br />e <br />k <br />L y o n C reek Warm CreekBonneville County <br />Teton <br />County <br />Teton <br />County <br />South Fork Teton Rive rRexburg <br />Independence <br />Bear World <br />Table Rock <br />Campground <br />Prospect Peak <br />Kelly <br />Canyon <br />Heise <br />Newdale <br />Canyon Creek <br /> ButteRPD RangePublic RangeMCSO RangeBitter's Butte <br />White Owl <br />Butte <br />Moody <br />M <br />e <br />a <br />d <br />o <br />w <br />s <br />Clement <br />Corral <br />Long Hollow <br />Bybee <br />Dugway <br />2 Miles <br />to Menan <br />Moody <br />Swamp <br />Bowans Cabin <br />(Warminghut) <br />Lorenzo <br />Bridge <br />Squires <br />Dugway <br />Cellars <br />Luthy Corral <br />Cress Cre <br />ekRocky <br />Hollow <br />Fishers <br />Pasture <br />Windy Ridge <br />MuskratRoost Woods <br />Cross <br />Hibbard <br />Neeley <br />ResFremont County <br />CellarsKirkham <br />Hollow <br />Bear Creek <br />Danny Summ <br />e <br />r <br />s <br />Spud Cellars <br />Snowmobile <br /> <br />T <br />r <br />a <br />i <br />l <br /> <br />H <br />e <br />a <br />d <br />CorralsGreen Canyon <br />Hot Springs <br />Relay <br />Ridge <br />LDS <br />Campground <br />Dry Farms <br />Elbow <br />Pocock Corner <br />Lloyd's <br />Store <br />Big <br />Judd's <br />Rexburg <br />Cemetery <br />Burton <br />Cemetery <br />Sugar City <br />Cemetery <br />Teton-Newdale <br />Cemetery <br />Sutton <br />Cemetery <br />Plano <br />Cemetery <br />White Pine St <br />W 4313 N <br />W 4407 N <br />W 4217 N <br />Lombardy St <br />Red Cedar RdN 3102 WCody St N 500 EWisteria St <br />Woodland DrOu tlaw Pass Crossdraw TrlOutla <br />w <br />P <br />assRidge Run RdCr <br />os <br />sdr <br />aw LoopRustle r's T rlRustler's TrlHangman's LoopW 4294 N <br />Cedar Cov eDriftwood Dr <br />Sequoia Ct <br />Redwood CtRiver Rock D rE 3500 N <br />N 125 ECresc e n t DrHickory <br />C <br />tWarm Slough RdHartcrest Ln <br />W Highway 33 <br />E 1500 S <br />S 3000 WS 5000 WE 2000 S <br />S 4100 EW 5000 N <br />E 11000 S <br />E Highway 33 <br />E 7000 S <br />W 6000 N <br />N 16200 EE 1000 N <br />Mud Springs RdN 5500 WS 3000 ES M <br />i <br />l <br />lho <br />l <br />low <br /> RdEast Butte RdRattlesnake RdS 700 <br />0 WS 6000 WW 2700 S <br />W 4000 S S 6100 WTwin Butte Rd <br />Desert Rock Dr <br />S 4000 WW 2000 S <br />Wag <br />on Trail Rd <br />Cottonwood Dr <br />W 1000 S N 2000 WLake Lorene DrHirschi Loop <br />Haven <br />Loop <br />Di <br />amond H Ln <br />Little <br /> Town DrHendrick <br />s Cir <br />Ferris Ln <br />Robison Dr Sunrise StMcJon Ln <br />W 3400 S <br />S 1371 WS 700 WS 2935 WW 6960 S Garden Gate RdBar ne y Dairy Rd <br />Partridg e Ln <br />E 8th NRussell RdE 9th NN 9th EN 16th EE Peterson Ln <br />E Stoddard Ln S 7th EE 2513 N <br />S 6000 E <br />S 7000 EFor <br />est R <br />d <br />21 <br />7Forest Rd 2 1 8Browns RdMud Springs Rd N 13500 EWa <br />rm Cree <br />k RdWright Creek RdN 19000 EE Highway 33N 15000 EN 3701 WN 4000 WMountainView Dr <br />W 1000 NN 2582 WN 2700 WW 14th NN 3575 WW 400 <br />0 N <br />N 3000 WN 3441 WWalker Siding RdS 1700 ES 3800 ES 600 ES 5600 ES 6000 EE 9000 S S 6200 ES 5600 ES 8000 EW 8000 SN 5817 WE 10000 SS 2810 WS 5500 WN 11000 EE 3375 N <br />E 5000 N <br />E 5400 S <br />W 440 S <br />W 6000 SS 3100 WTimberline RdS 1650 WW 5500 S <br />E 8750 SN 375 EN 740 WS 2750 WN 12250 EW 3500 N <br />Heritage RdS 2600 EW 6450 S <br />E 5000 N <br />N 6000 ES 3300 WOrrin Ln <br />W 4000 N <br />E 7000 SN 4458 WW 4650 N <br />E 3000 N <br />Pine Tree Rd <br />E Moody Rd <br />S 3450 <br />W <br />W 2870 S <br />S Heise Rd <br />W 4950 S S 1100 ES 10000 WN 17500 EParadiseAveCameron LnBaseline RdN 4000 WW 7800 S <br />E 500 N <br />E 3625 N <br />W 2000 N <br />W 3200 S <br />S 400 WS 1400 WJuniper AveE 3749 N <br />W 3800 S <br />E 2000 N N 13750 EE 6000 SN 5200 WW 3000 S <br />W 7000 S <br />Homestead St <br />S 5500 WW 4000 N <br />S 6000 WS 3926 WN 2190 EW 3000 N <br />S 4300 WN 1000 WW 4000 N <br />W 3800 S <br />E 3250 N <br />S 3818 WE 7800 S <br />W 5000 N <br />W 4200 N <br />W 5350 S <br />W Moody Rd <br />W 4557 N <br />W 5000 S N 125 EBluegrass LnW 4500 N <br />Cedar Butte RdE 5000 S <br />Browns RdS 5700 WE 5750 N <br />S 550 WE Poleline RdW Poleline Rd <br />E 3375 N <br />E 2000 S <br />S 1700 ES 400 WFrontage StHansen Ln <br />Jud StW 9000 S S 200 EW 4200 S <br />S 16200 EE 8000 SN 5000 WE 8200 S <br />E 3500 S N 7000 EMolly DrE 750 N <br />W 8200 S <br />W 7200 SS 3300 WS 3421 WN 5631 WW 2600 S <br />W 6200 S <br />E 5000 N <br />Spring Creek Dr <br />W 6300 S <br />E 3750 N <br />S 1800 WN 12000 EN 3000 WW 2250 N <br />W 7600 SN 6000 WTwin Bu tte RdN 6000 WW 3000 N <br />W 7000 N <br />N 3000 EW 5500 S N 9000 ES 2140 WW 3200 S <br />E 4000 N <br />N 5725 WW 3200 S N 5000 ES 2785 WE 500 N <br />Porter Ln N 18000 EN 375 WE 500 S <br />E 10000 S <br />E 4000 N <br />N 8000 ES 15000 EW 5200 S <br />S 2626 WSagebrush Ave <br />W 4300 S <br />S 200 WW 6800 S S Fo rk C <br />i <br />rN 250 EIsland St <br />Country RdE 2278 SClements LnS 5000 ES 4413 WE 9000 S <br />W 5000 S <br />W 4700 S <br />W 5200 S Cottonwood LnHoneysuckle St Cobblestone AveCricket StRiver RunN 250 ES 6252 WE 2618 N <br />N Canyon Creek RdBaseline Rd <br />P <br />o <br />ny Creek Rd <br />S Canyon Cre ek RdE Whit <br />e Owl RdWalker Si <br />di <br />ng RdS Snake Ri <br />ver RdW 3600 S <br />S Highway 191W 6200 S <br />Ruby St <br />Ross St <br />S 7067 WS Butte Rd <br />Taylor Ln <br />W Moran View RdN 3839 W <br />N 5th WJepp <br />esen <br />RdMud Spri <br />ngs Rd White Owl RdE 3 6 36 S <br />W Whit <br />e Owl Rd <br />E 4500 SLong Holl <br />ow RdE Lo <br />ng Hollow Rd <br />W Long Hollow RdE Long Hollow RdS 8 150 EE 2278 S <br />Mud Spri <br />ngs RdDoug Killia <br />n Rd <br />F orest Rd 258Fore st R <br />d <br /> 222 <br />F or est <br />Rd 25625 1 <br />Rd <br />Forest For <br />est Rd 256Graham Hollow RdForest Rd 232Forest Rd 40323 2 AFish Creek Loop S Moody RdW Long Hollow RdFo <br />r <br />est <br /> Rd 218343Kirkham Hollow Rd Grov <br />er Br <br />owni <br />n <br />g RdCrapo RdFor e s t R d 2 1 8 <br />For <br />est Rd 651 <br />Forest Rd 21 <br />3 <br />F <br />orest Rd 342Forest Rd 218Forest Rd <br /> 318F o res t Rd 318Forest Rd 88 5Fo re st R d 8 86 <br />F or est Rd 887 <br />Forest Rd 8 <br />8 <br />1 <br />Lyons Creek Rd <br />Lyo <br />ns Creek RdGrant Bowen RdBrown s RdE 10300 S <br />E 10900 SS 5600 EE 12 0 0 0 SS 4200 ES Heis <br />e RdE He <br />i <br />se <br /> Rd <br />E Kelly Canyo <br />n R <br />d <br />E 9600 <br />SLexington AveR 38 E R 42 E <br />R 43 E <br />T 07 N <br />R 39 E <br />R 40 E <br />R 41 E <br />T 06 N <br />T 05 N <br />T 04 N <br />Updated: October 11, 2019 <br />Madison County ZoningMadison County Zoning <br />The information contained in this map is for reference <br />purposes only. Madison County and the City of Rexburg <br />cannot be held responsible for misuse of the data.0 1 2 3 40.5 <br />Miles <br />Agriculture <br />Transitional Agriculture <br />Commercial <br />Industrial-Light <br />Industrial-Heavy <br />Residential <br />Bureau of Land Management <br />US Forest Service <br />Idaho Department of Lands <br />Ag / Rec Overlay <br />Sensitive Lands Overlay <br />Highway <br />Public Road <br />Private Road <br />USFS Road <br />Railroad <br />City Limit <br />Impact Area