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CITY OF <br />R-EXBURG <br />AMERICA'S FAMILY COMMUNI I Y <br />State Tax Commission <br />Attn: Jeff Servatius <br />800 Park Blvd. Plaza IV <br />Boise, Idaho 83722 <br />Dear Jeff, <br />12 North Center (PO Box 280) Phone: 208-359-3020 x3131 <br />Rexburg, Idaho 83440 Fax: 208-359-3022 <br /> <br />The CITY OF REXBURG has completed an annexation of lands on the southwest corner of <br />the City. The City is requesting the Idaho State Tax Commission approve the map and <br />legal description as contained in Ordinance No. 928 with an Instrument No. 315740, dated <br />November 03, 2004. The Ordinance is going to be published on the 6th of November, <br />2004. <br />CITY OF REXBURG Ordinance 928 has been included for your review. <br />Thank you, <br />CITY OF REXBURG <br />Blair D. Kay <br />City Clerk <br />