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1 24690 <br />State of Idaho <br />CERTIFICATE OF MUNICIPAL INCORPORATION <br />OF <br />CITY OF REXBURG <br />File Number C 187987 <br />I, BEN YSURSA, Secretary of State of the State of Idaho, hereby certify that I am <br />the custodian of the corporation records of this State. <br />I FURTHER CERTIFY That the records of this office show that the above -named <br />municipal corporation was incorporated under the laws of Idaho on July 11, 1893, and <br />that its order of incorporation was filed in the corporation records of the State of !daho <br />on August 17, 2007. <br />ACCORDINGLY and by virtue of the authority vested in me by law, I issue this <br />Certificate of Incorporation to the above named city. <br />Dat <br />SECRETARY OF STATE <br />By <br />