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��'�t,� Cj�rY �� COUNCIL AGENDA <br /> � � RE����� INFORMATION SHEET <br /> � w AMERICAS FAiV11LY COMMi.{NITY <br /> Agenda Item # 9-A <br /> Date: August 17, 2005 <br /> Item: Comprehensive Plan Map Public Hearing <br /> Initiated by: Staff <br /> FinancialImpact: N/A Budgeted: N/A <br /> Funding Source: N/A <br /> Action Proposed: Review and apprave Comprehensive Map Plan changes that are <br /> proposed. <br /> Staff Analysis: <br /> A. On July 7, 2005, the four areas in question were presented to the Rexburg Planning & Zoning <br /> Commission. <br /> Area #1: Comment was made that the applicant of Area #1 withdrew the application for the <br /> Rezone/Annexa.tion, the previous day but requested to continue on with the request for the <br /> Comprehensive Plan Map Change. Chairman Dyer said that they would still process both requests. <br /> Cornmissioners felt that Commercial was not growing out there yet; therefore, David Stein moved to <br /> recommend to City Council denying the ret�uest for a Comprehensive Plan Map change for segment <br /> Number One (1). Mike Ricks seconded the motion. None Opposed. Motion earried. Because <br /> Area #1 was not adjacent to the Rexburg City limits, David Stein moved to recommend to City <br /> Cauncil denying the annexation/rezone request for the particular parcel. Mike Rieks seconded the <br /> mation. None opposed. Motion carried. <br /> Area #2: Most of the comments from the public were their concerns for protecting the adjacent <br /> Stonebridge Subdivision. Due to the ability of the Commission to rec�uire a buffer or other conditions <br /> that would pratect the neighborhood if the applicant did propase to rezone in the future, Thaine <br /> Robinson moved to recornmend to City Council changing "2a" from Multi-Family to Single-Family <br /> and "2b" from Mu1ti-Family to Commercial. Ted Hill seeanded the motion. None opposed. <br /> Motion carried. <br />