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~4~ <br />`~OF gEXB U,qC rQ <br />v~ 5 <br />~ ~ <br />June 11, 2008 <br />Rexburg Heights Valley View Estates <br />c/o Ken Burt <br />1339 Meadowview <br />Rexburg, Idaho 83440 <br />Dear Residents: <br />CITY O F <br />1 W~~V <br />~lY <br />America's Family Community <br />I received your letter a few weeks ago, and presented it to the City Council on June 4th. <br />After some discussion among the members of the City Council, I was asked to respond to <br />your Petition fox Annexation on behalf of the Ciry. <br />First of all, let me assure you that any action involving the annexation of Rexburg Heights <br />Valley View Estates will begin with formal notice to all property owners within the affected <br />area, and that informal discussions relative to annexation have been ongoing for many years <br />and may continue for many years to come, but should not be construed as a change in the <br />City's position until the process is formalized by notice. <br />While the City appreciates the fact that some of you are interested in becoming a part of the <br />City of Rexburg, many of the issues that wexe raised during the last formal annexation <br />consideration remain unresolved, and would therefore still be hurdles to immediate <br />annexation. Among the items that come to mind are; street condition, curbing, sewer <br />system, and snow removal. While I am not saying that these hurdles are insurmountable, the <br />City is concerned about how they would be overcome. <br />It has not been, nor do I anticipate it becoming the policy of the City of Rexburg to allow <br />the terms of annexation to be determined by residents who are subject to annexation <br />without conditions. The City Council feels that it would establish a very poor precedent if <br />terms such as those contained in your request were entertained. <br />Should any of the interested property owners contiguous to the current City of Rexburg <br />corporate limits wish to request annexation without conditions, our planning and zoning <br />office would be happy to help them through the process. Again, thank you for your interest <br />in becoming a part of the City of Rexburg. <br />Sincerel , <br />haven Larsen <br />Mayor <br />Shawn Lazsen, Mayor 12 N. Center Rexburg. ID 83~1d0 P. O. Bax 280 <br />Phone (208) 359.3020 ext.328 Fax (20B) 359.3022 <br />mayar@rexburg.arg r <br />